FALCON Carver/Duplicator

For delicate furniture legs, wood statues Gun stock, guitar propeller pattern carver

Manual Duplicator

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  • Prices valid until end of February 2019 subject to change without notice
  • Prices as is, no VAT charges
  • Duplicator for delicate furniture legs , wood statues Gun stock , guitar propeller pattern carver


  • Manufactured only by order R19500 no vat needed (without table.)
  • The table can be constructed using 50x100mm pine beams and 16 mm chipboard deck.
  • Table top view plan included.
  • Carving area 1200mm x 220mm with 700watt Makita Trimmer and dual rotary clamp with tail stock.
  • Hand brake on the y axis only.
  • All joints are ball bearing and the X axis has a linear bearing 20mm shaft , very sturdy construction. Tilt adjustment on the pen and router . Balance weight included.
  • This is a hand operated machine and not a cnc machine.
  • Please note a 50% deposit will be needed to secure your order.
  • A crate will cost R850 for packaging , please arrange your own courier